Act 1. Modus-modestia-temperantia

Documentation of a performance made in collaboration with Andrea Chirinos and Emiliano Cruz at SQUASH EDITIONS, Mexico City 2016. Curated and in collaboration with Fabiola Iza.

Modus-modestia-temperantia, somewhat of an experiment in exhibition-making, I decided to create a choreography –in collaboration with Andrea Chirinos and Emiliano Cruz– inspired on the image archive of the book Los gestos muertos. The squash court in which the performance takes place becomes the perfect scenario to stress the idea of politics as a play, a game to mess around with its pre-established rules. The gestures’ vacuity makes itself evident in it: the hand movements are repeated incessantly, they become accelerated and they slow themselves down —they turn into signs that signify nothing. The failed transmission of gestures and voice alike is reinforced by the microphones placed in the exhibition space which are, in turn, sculptures made of domestic materials. Their stands are made of water pipes and the microphones are actually utensils incapable of transmitting the voice: hairbrushes, dish and toilet brushes, aluminum fibers, and scourers. If the image archive refers to politics as a practice predominantly executed by men, the sculptures –a maladroit exercise of assemblage art and bricolage– conversely point to a predominantly female practice: domestic labor. The sum of all elements –the choreography, and the sculptures– emphasizes a great number of fractures. If the archive generated dead gestures in the first place, its mise-en-scène points as well to the absent voice.

Documentation of a performance at SQUASH EDITIONS, Mexico City 2016. Video © Estudio de producción