Inestabilidad Incalculable

Sound installation created in collaboration with sound artist Lucrecia Dalt and architecture office Taller Síntesis. All the people in the sound piece offered their anonymous voices to form an echo of one. XI Premio Luis Caballero, El Parqueadero / Museo Banco de La Republica, Bogotá, 2022.


Sounds coming from all directions envelop the listener/spectator/participant —voices, organic and synthetic timbres escape before we are able to fix their meaning, before understanding what the voices “say”.  An emplacement of sounds generated from the human voice —from its analysis, fragmentation, and recomposition. Voices that expose the history of a country without narrating it and which orient us towards possible routes without indicating a path. Red curtains turn the exhibition space into a labyrinth. Sounds traverse the curtains that divide the space into “cloisters,” mixing themselves with one another other, they mutually affect their sonorities, their phantoms chasing the listeners across the space.

Inestabilidad Incalculable is not one voice: it is many. It is a plural voice, the voice of many people—as one might hear in a demonstration or protest—but also a voice multiplied and divided in time and space, “split” in fragments of words that repeat themselves by means of delays and echoes—«una» «una» «una» … «paz» «mañana» «na» «na» «na»…—agglutinated in sonorous clouds composed by the repetition of phonemes and syllables: «a» «la», «sa», «m», «to», «u».

In this temporality without beginning or end, a temporality of repetitions, of superposed scales and micro-fragmented words, Inestabilidad Incalculable makes it possible to think the time of revolution, the time of “tomorrow a peace”: this “tomorrow” which is not the result of a series of determinate and determined actions and political processes but of a revolutionary commitment for the continuous construction of a collective freedom through the plural voices of a people that reflects upon its history. A revolution always to come.

The time without measure of hope.

Excerpts from text © «Everything so repeated everything so violent everything» by Daniel Villegas Vélez

Produced with additional support from CoCrea.



Sound installation documentation at El Parqueadero. Binaural audio, headphones recommended. Video © Sebastián Múnera.