El golpe

Performance for the launch of the artist’s book, Los Gestos Muertos at Casas Riegner’s La Oficina del Doctor, Bogotá, Colombia.2018.

“El golpe” (The Blow), a poem especially written for this performance and inspired by an image from the book, is declaimed as a political speech by the male performer in an environment of traditional male power, the executive office. The poem speaks of a fight between adversaries, the moment of collision, “An accurate blow as precise as treason” not uncommon in politics: of a single blow that can knock down an opponent with the downward slice of a hand, repeated again and again, to become ever more precise.

Credits: Poem written by curator Amanda de la Garza. Performer Andrés Felipe Uribe.

Documentation of the performance "El Golpe" at Casas Riegner´s La Oficina del Doctor Bogotá, 2018.