¿De acuerdo a que? (Publication)

¿De acuerdo a qué? took as its starting point selected images from the archive collected for Los Gestos Muertos. For this publication, I chose to regard the images of hand gestures as units with an indexical function in the embodiment of political discourse, and I wanted to decipher them. To achieve this, I sent images from my photographic collection of hand gestures, each with the invitation to “interpret” a gesture, to people in different fields – artists, journalists, philosophers, doctors, mathematicians, musicians etc. – hoping they would use their expertise to decode them.  This method was intended as a kind of auto-attack on the order of the archive first created in Los Gestos Muertos because, after making a meticulous and obsessive taxonomy to articulate a compendium of the grammar of power, in ¿De acuerdo a qué?, I disseminated the images to others for their resignification. In other words, it intentionally suspended any possibility of unambiguous narration about each image. When the images returned to me accompanied by the deciphered texts, the arbitrary fabrication of the order of this archive became ever more evident.

Abstract taken from the text that accompanies the publication written by Nadia Moreno Moya, Nov 2019

¿De acuerdo a que?. 17.5 x 26 cm, edition of 50 signed and numbered, 2019. Video © Alfonso Posada