Sin Título

Sin título takes the form of tabloid newspaper without information. The work is made by scanning reconstituted sheets of paper (from the work Broken Language) What the reader encounters when going through the pages of this newspaper is an encoded material-memory: with fractures, gaps and blurs, presenting news to the reader as indecipherable material.

The newspaper is devoid of legible text or images; it has no title, tells no story and illustrates nothing. The reader finds news that cannot be read because the news cannot be told; it is an irretrievable memory. Memory here is encountered as fractured but not consigned to silence. This work remains unfixed and open; it is both amnesic and memory-driven. It makes sense only as impossibility: the impossibility that the reader faces when trying to grasp the meaning of the original, as well as the feeling that such overwhelming non-information produces. In this sense, the information of the source has almost, but not completely, been obliterated from each sheet. In each page, something emerges and as soon as it does so, fades again. It is a newspaper in which the images and words are of absence and exist as fragmented syllables and scraps of images only, all concealed deep within the fabric of the new paper. This work presents pieces of accumulated and scattered information across the pages, but these pieces cannot be bound together again because each piece is completely fractured, removed from its former narrative.

This tabloid circulated for one day in the city of Medellín, Colombia. It was located in newsstands and given away for free.

© Maria Isabel Arango